Interview with Mary Winkenwerder from Ultimate Report

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Tell us about yourself:

Blogger, freelance writer, content producer.  Mother, daughter, fashion maven, foodie, lover of seasonal color, texture blender, artist.  Published makeup artist.  Creator of value. 

What did you have for breakfast?
Vanilla yogurt, a hand full of almonds, and a tasty almond mocha latte. 

What makes your personal style unique?

Influenced by many cultures, I grew up in a multi-cultural military family.  My personal style interest started at age 4 when I picked up my first VOGUE Magazine in the early 70’s and saw my first Diane Von Furstenberg wrap dress.  The model wore the dress so confidently.  It was more than just a modeling gig, you could clearly see how she enjoyed modeling the garment.  This one experience instilled in me that confidence is key in selecting and wearing garments.  From there I sought to find garments, accessories, cosmetics and fragrances that would become old friends.  
I enjoy fusing various textures of fabrics and colors to create my personal presentation.  Mixing textures and patterns is also fun.  It is both thought and conversation provoking to see textures and patterns mixed in an unexpected manner.  Since its official inception, seasonal color has been a go-to solution in my personal and business styling.  
Having lived in central Germany while growing up plus studying art and cultural history while there, I enjoy finding unique accessory pieces that represent relics of the past.  I love being able to move, so comfort is key. 

Dead or alive, who is your favorite fashion designer, and why?

This is a very difficult question to answer.  There are so many ways to measure “favorite.”  There are measures of art expression, business, design, and other ways to gauge what a favorite designer can be.  
Earlier I mentioned Diane Von Furstenberg.  Her simple contribution of the wrap dress revolutionized the way modern women dressed, their wardrobe options, and of course the confidence of a generation moving forward.  …and she’s still doing it.   There are others: Isaac Mizrahi for ushering in the potato sack jean (80’s) and fusing major amounts of plaid into the mainstream wardrobe.  …and he’s still doing fashion on a mass scale.  
  • Who What Wear for bringing functional fashion that works for many lifestyles to mass market while being serious bloggers.  
  • Michael Kors for filling a gap in the market for fashionable wears spanning many socio-economic backgrounds and for decades, successfully.  
  • Betsy Johnson, since the 70’s, for making punk style cool for all over the course of decades.  
  • Pucci and Versace for their amazingly light fabrics and intricate signature designs.  
  • PRADA for starting out as a simple and quality leather goods brand and morphing into the mega brands it is today.  
  • Stella McCartney for her incredible design and business sense.  
  • WOLFORD, Givenchy and HUE for their long-term fashionable hosiery contributions.  
  • Hal Rubenstein for being a solid and successful fashion editor before launching his own signature clothing line on HSN.
  • McQueen for taking much needed and refreshing risks.  I wish he was still with us…
  • Christian Siriano for making it big while making himself vulnerable to the world on national media. 
  • Faustine Steinmetz for use of texture mixed with amazing construction.
  • Dolce & Gabanna for attention to detail in their intricate designs.
  • Balenciaga for handbags, their unforgettable AW 2010 shoe collection, and bomber jackets.
  • Manish Arora for creativity fused with amazing color use.
  • Valentino for always breathing life into fashion through new design or reinventing the proverbial fashion wheel.
  • GUCCI, Stuart Weitzman, Acne Studios, and others for shoes, handbags, and accessories.  
 There are so many favorite designers for so many reasons.  All notable and all consistently making their mark while raising the bar.  
…and then there are the fashion stylists and icons…the list is long and worthy of recognition. 

What do you think of women who wears hosiery?

Keeping in mind that there are many types and textures of hosiery: 
  • Tights:  A woman who cares about her fashion sense while sensibly caring for her body in the cool weather.  A woman who seeks to make an opaque fashion statement.  
  • Ultra Sheer:  A woman who is confident with her movement.  She has great fashion sense and generally is fit or wears her chosen weight very well.  This woman is graceful in her mannerisms, graceful enough to successfully wear this fragile texture of hosiery.  
  • Silk Finish:  A woman who needs to focus on the daily tasks at hand.  She needs something fashionable that can take the pressure of constant movement.  
  • Textured Hosiery:  A woman with amazing fashion sense.  This woman knows how to fuse design, texture, and wearability.  She never mixes “fashion company” so-to-speak, and knows how to make everything she wears work in her lifestyle.  Nude textured/patterned hosiery:  This is a woman who is completely confident and becomes a living art installation with her fashion.
  • Back Seam Hosiery:  This is a woman who may be from Europe.  She is tasteful and confident in her dress.  Everything worn is in place, always.  She dresses fashionably while managing to blend in.
  • Thigh-Highs:  Confident.  Completely confident.
There is everything good about a woman choosing to wear hosiery. 

What is your favorite style of stockings on a woman?
Stocking style varies from woman to woman based on personal style.  To answer the question, any style that a woman can successfully carry off while feeling good about herself. 

Want to learn more about her? Visit her website and follow her on twitter @BeautePublicist and Instagram @ultimatereport


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