What is Still Trending…

Fashion moves as quickly as technology, maybe even quicker. One day something is in and the next day it is out. Lets talk about hosiery! Is hosiery still in? As a young girl I always remember my mom wearing hosiery when she was attending any and all formal events. It gave her legs a nice flawless look, and made her look so elegant. I remember wearing tights in grade school during the winter with my uniform, as an alternative to knee high socks.

As a grew older, I grew away from hosiery. I enjoyed showing off my smooth and lotioned legs. One thing I noticed is that my mother continued to wear hosiery whenever she dressed up. Even as fashion evolved and changed, that was the one thing I never saw her get rid of. As I grew older and more into fashion, I felt myself more drawn back into hosiery. I enjoy how something so simple can complete an outfit.

So the question remains, Is hosiery still in? To be honest I do not believe hosiery will every be “outdated”. Yes, less and less people may wear it but I believe hosiery will always be around. Hosiery adds a little spice to every outfit, keeps your legs warm in the winter, enhances your legs appearance, and hides your grizzly leg hairs that have accumulated over the winter!

1As a young adult this is how I wear hosiery now. I’ve recently made a transition to thigh highs. I know you’re thinking, thigh highs outside of the bedroom? Well yes, for so many years thigh highs have been associated with lingerie, but I was recently introduced to thigh highs, particularly VienneMilano thigh highs by my friend Emily. She wore them out, with a similar outfit and later revealed to us that she was just wearing thigh highs. We would have never know until she pointed it out. Thighs are more comfortable and give you a little more freedom in the crotch area (sorry for the TMI). This look is perfect for work or just going out with the girls/guys. I personally love this outfit when getting lunch with my girlies.

I would love to hear your opinion on the topic. Please comment below with your thoughts.




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