Interview with a 21-year-old fashion merchandiser – Branden Bidon

Meet Branden Bidon, a fashion merchandiser who is talented and driven. Branden share his unique style, favorite fashion designer and more!

Tell us about yourself: 
I am a 21-year-old soon to be grad with a bachelor’s degree in fashion merchandising marketing, who has a passion for everything merchandising, photography, creative, unique and fashion.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 14.33.05

What did you have for breakfast? 
Breakfast? I believe it was a glass of ice water; I’m not really much of a breakfast person I usually skip breakfast and go straight to lunch, that’s where all of the good food is.

What makes your personal style unique?
Style is all about the harmonious way that we put looks together. What makes my style unique is the bridge that I draw between conservative and edgy. It’s okay to wear contrasting patterns, as long as the outfit pulls together.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 14.34.17

Dead or alive, who is your favorite fashion designer, and why?
My number one top favorite designer is the infamous Alexander McQueen; McQueen took thinking outside of the box to a whole new level. The Milan fashion week designer did not design for the sake of fashion; however, for the love of art. Known for his avantgarde style, McQueen’s pieces were truly works of art.  

What do you think of women who wear hosiery? 
A woman who wears hosiery is sexy and innovative. I feel as though hosiery is a great way to wake up or excite an outfit, for example, a pair of thigh highs and a pleated skirt and a blouse are a great make for an effortless look.

What is your favorite style of stockings on a woman? 
My favorite style of stockings on a woman are thigh highs because they take the grandma out of stockings. When I think of full-length stockings I think of a middle school librarian.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 14.34.01

Be sure to check out Branden’s social media at here, @bbidonfashion, Polyvore and Linkedin



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