Summer Trends

Summer is upon us (at least us New Englanders) and of course we want to be trendiest girl in town. To me summer is when everyone shows out. The warm weather brings a sort of happiness and confidence in people, that everyone loves. Everyone walks down the street in bolder outfits, as if it was there own personal runway. I am going to share 3 outfits that will have everyone turning their heads as you strut your look this summer. claudia-business-casual-with-pants

  1. Are you the boss lady? Well this outfit will give you the boss lady confidence and look. These flare pants will not only keep you on top of the trends but also keep you super comfortable and cool during those warm summer work days. With the ruffled top you’ll add a little spicy to your outfit. Pair this outfit with VienneMilano’s   CLAUDIA thigh highs, a pair of matching pumps, and a small purse to keep your look cool, comfortable, and FABULOUS!


2. I know you want to be the best looking chick headed to brunch! Well this is the look for you. This classic, chic look will have you looking fabulous while having lunch with your girls. This simple stripped top, paired with the angled black skirt, makes simplicity look so stunning. Pair this outfit with a fedora to stay cool, as well as a pair of cat styled sunglasses, black heels, a cute little purse, and VienneMilano’s CLAUDIA thigh highs. Theres nothing wrong with a little simplicity, especially when you synchronize the trends into your outfit.


3. Saturday night out? Well I have you covered. This simple shirt dress will keep you just cool enough for warm summer nights, but warm enough when it cools down while leaving the bar. Pair this classic black and white look with VienneMilano’s ANDREA thigh highs, black ankle boots, a classic black watch, and a little purse. The hat is optional but think of it this way, you can spend less time on your hair and more time having fun, if you just throw on the hat. 😉

These three looks will have you as trendy and confident as Emma Watson. Now who doesn’t love Emma Watson’s trendiness and confidence? What is your favorite summer trend, you know you’ll be rocking this summer? You guys know I love hearing back from you, the fab squad, share your thoughts below.





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