A Magically PINK Wedding

When I think of summer; besides beach days, ice cream, and the sun, I also usually tend to hear wedding bells. Summer is typically wedding season. It hard to put together wedding looks, when you are attending weddings every two weeks. Of course you do not want to be an outfit repeater, and you also do not want to be the “basic chick” in your group of friends. Now I, personally,  love pink! Many people gear away from pink as a wedding color but I believe it can be the perfect wedding color. Now remember there are different shades of pink, as there are for all colors. When pink is paired with the right accessories, the color can be toned down to take it from tacky to classy. I am going to give you some unique wedding day looks for; the bride, the bridesmaid, and the guest.



Are you bold enough to rock a pink, untraditional, wedding dress? This super fun, cute hi-low, puffy baby pink dress, is the perfect bridal dress for summer weddings. This dress will have you feeling relaxed and comfortable, but looking extremely fun, classy, and beautiful. This very non-traditional dress pairs perfectly with VienneMilano’s GRAZIANA Ivory thighs, giving your legs a beautiful subtle powered look. Don’t be afraid to be bold on your special day, all eyes are on you anyways!



Are you ALWAYS stuck being the bridesmaid? Well we want to make sure the bridal party looks just as beautiful and elegant, as the bride. This pink form fitting dress will give you the chance to show off the body you’ve been working on, all winter. Now I know you are thinking, pink for a bridal color… really? Well yes, pink is actually a really fun color for a summer wedding. GRAZIANA Ivory thigh highs also tones down the pink, but also gives your an illusion of slimmer legs. Pull the outfit together with a pair of pink pumps and a beautiful updo.


I have covered brides, the bridesmaid, and now on to the guest. Of course all wedding guest want to look their best. For summer weddings it is also important to wear an outfit that will keep you cool. This beautiful pink dress, paired with pink pumps and GRAZIANA Ivory thigh highs, looks perfect with gold accessories. With this dress you will be able to stay cool, but also maintain a classy, yet elegant look.

Are any of these pink dresses giving you pink wedding vibes? I love all of these looks, pink is such a fun wedding color. Let me know in the comment section if you would consider a pink wedding.





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