Do You Have Games on Your Blog? #OOTD

Yes, we have games on our blog! We’re going to play this little game. I thought this would be a fun way to really get interacting with you guys. So basically I will set the scenario, of a place or event you will be attending. You will then have to decide which outfit you will rock for this scenario. I wanna know why you’re picking this outfit.



It is a nice spring afternoon. You have the day off and planning on treating yourself a little bit after dropping the kid off at school. You decide you want o doll up, because as your mom always said “If you look good, you feel good!” You know its suppose to be in the low 70’s, the sun will be out but it will be a little windy. You also have been working hard at the gym and want to show off your figure. Which outfit, will have you feeling good while you treat yourself on your day off?



Tomorrows a really important day at the office. The CEO of the company will be stopping by and you will be sitting in on the meeting. You want to look your best, when you meet the CEO. You do not care about the cool fall winds. Your nerves will have you sweating anyways. You want to wear something that screams “BOSS LADY”, something that will have you strutting with confidence, and something that is very chic. Which outfit would have you feeling and looking your best when you are meeting the CEO?


Your husbands company is having a huge gala, for the money they have raised for the ALL HANDS VOLUNTEER organization. This is of huge importance to your husband because he has volunteered with the organization before and wants to continue to be part of the change. He does not have my time due to family and work, but he knows donations are also important. He tells you to go pick out something that will have you feeling like a queen. It’s mid August, and the nights are warm. The organizations colors are blue, so you thought maybe you should wear blue, but you also love floral, but also want to show off the tan you got this summer against the yellow silk.


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