Pizza Lovers Unite

Pizza is everyone favorite food. Well maybe not everyone, but at least mine. Even though it is probably not best to eat it everyday, I think pizza is delicious enough to eat everyday. Everyone enjoys different toppings, crust thickness, and styles. No matter what style pizza you enjoy, however often you make or order it, the best part of pizza is the toppings. Im going to share with you my top 3, go-to pizza toppings.

Pizza Blog Cheese Pizza (1)

The classic cheese pizza. Some enjoy it with regular cheese and some enjoy it with extra cheese. No matter how you enjoy your cheese pizza, I do not think you can ever go wrong with the classic cheese pizza. I love when I take my first bite and the cheese stretches as much as it can until it breaks and falls onto my chin. So yummy!

Meatlovers Pizza for pizza blog

Oh my gosh, Meat Lovers for the meat lovers. Even though our vegetarian and vegan friends can’t enjoy this beauty, it is still one of my favorites. Meat lovers pizza is such a guilty pleasure. The protein overload, may have you not craving meat for a while, but it sure will have you in heaven, until you finish the box!

veggie pizza for pizza blog

Last but of course not least, the veggie pizza. Now the vegetarian pizza has transformed from what I remember it as a kid. I remember it only being some bell peppers and olives. Now you can get almost any vegetable on your pizza. My favorite is spinach and feta. I have recently started to love spinach, on or in almost anything. So of course on pizza its a double win!

Now that I have made myself extremely hungry, and I’m sure you, as well, I would love to hear from you, lovely people, what are your favorite pizza toppings. Also what toppings do not belong on pizza? I know this is always a hot topic.




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