Confessions Of A Shopaholic

Like any “fashionista”, I am a shopaholic. This means that I go shopping pretty much any time of the day. From shoes, bags, scarves, tops… you name it. I love it all! However, since I do not own a mansion, space is limited. So… what do I do? I sell my slightly used and or brand-spanking-new items on POSHMARK. What’s that you ask? It’s a mobile app that allows shopaholic like myself to buy goods.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 16.16.02.png

Although I am not going to paint a fictitious story about my experience, I am happy to share some of my key learnings:

  1. Brand names sells – Duh! So I currently have over 60 items listed. While I can’t say that everything is flying off the shelves, some items have done better than others. For example, my slightly worn, Christian Louboutin Purple Roland heels, and my Gucci Belt.
  2. Bad Apples – Have you ever met anyone who asks a ton of questions leaving you wondering: is this person more trouble then he or she is worth? Well that gut feeling you’re having is most likely correct – he or she is probably not worth your time. I have read several blog posts on this topic, and I myself have experienced it as well… Some people on POSHMARK just want to ask a ton of questions and thanks you by throwing extremely low-ball offers. While there is no point in getting mad; all you can do is decline and or ignore their asking-price. The truth is, we live in a world that’s full of extremely smart and some not-so-smart individuals. However, you take the good with the bad. I have met and purchased from individuals whom are REALLY REALLY cool. In fact, one person even sent me her family’s chocolate cake recipe!
  3. Share/Follow, rinse and repeat: While there are no hard set rules on how many people you should follow and or share listings per day, you are invited to parties which occur throughout different times of the day. Each party has a theme, ie: Best in shoe, Zara, make up, for kids only, etc. You share your listings as appropriate at these parties – sometimes several times a day. While this may seem tedious, truth is: no one ever said that making money is easy (unless they are a crook – duh!). Over the past week, I have noticed to have increased at least 200 followers just by attending parties, following and sharing other users’ post. This may not seem a lot, but it was enough for me to set a benchmark.

Although I have yet to gain over a bajillion followers, I am eager to learn more about POSHMARK’s trends. The only good report I was able to find was from March 2017. However, I am sure this app must be sitting on a ton of data. Google sells Google Map traffic data to brands such as Perrelli – perhaps POSHMARK sells our data to ready-to-wear fashion businesses?

Other top of mind questions that I am curious about:

  • What is the audience break down?
    • Is the women to men ratio: 9:1 or?
    • Is the app mainly used by 18 – 24 yr old girls, or?
    • What is the customer lifetime of shoppers?
    • What is the size of the audience – I don’t mean number of users (although I would love to know. So far, I have only seen the number of sellers according), but I mean, do most customers wear size S, M, L? Are there are a lot of Plus Size users who use POSHMARK?
  • Who is the ultimate brand? Ie: Is there a coveted brand that EVERYONE looks for? And if so, which one is it??
  • What is the ultimate fashion category to sell? Is it jeans? shoes? Scarves?
  • Are there fashion items that yield higher return and actually appreciates over time?

What about you? Do you use this fabulous app, and what’s your experience like? Are there categories of fashion products (ie: slightly worn shirts, jackets, shoes) that you would feel comfortable purchasing? Or are these items you would never consider buying because they are pre-owned? What about brands? Are there brands that factor into your decision on purchasing consigned goods? Feel free to comment below, and FOLLOW me on Poshmark.

Stay fabulous!


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