Are you a fashion photographer?

VienneMilano is happy to announce their new Community Photographer Program! VienneMilano is currently on the hunt for amazingly talented photographers to help with VienneMilano’s mission to promote the confidence and beauty of women wearing their fabulous hosiery. 


“I’m excited about this program because we’ve received many inquiries from both professional and aspiring photographers who are interested in working with us. With any luck, we’ll be able to meet some incredibly talented photographers through this program.” – Vienne Brown, Founder VienneMilano.

Members of the VienneMilano Photography Community Program will be sent an official welcome kit containing free VienneMilano products to take photos of and a 30% off coupon. In return for their photo submissions, a photographer’s work may be featured on VienneMilano’s many media platforms, and could even result in a contract for future projects. For more information, read VienneMilano’s blog post or follow this link and apply today.


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This Summer’s Hottest Holiday Fashion Trends

Summer is finally upon us, which means one thing: it’s time to hit the beach and embrace the biggest fashion trends of the summer.

From exposed shoulders to fancy frills and ruffles, here are just some of the fashion trends to be keeping an eye out for this year.

80s Style

We all love a good throwback, and the 80s are well and truly back. Metallics, disco leggings, bright neon colours and short mini dresses are all the way to go, but it goes without saying that you need a bit of confidence to pull any of these bold styles off.

Even shoulder pads, one of the biggest fashion no-nos of all time have been making a return on the catwalk.

Check out this post from StyleCaster for eight trends from the 80s which are making a big comeback.

Slogans & Logos

Bold, slogan t-shirts are here to stay, whether they bear brand names, ironic humour, or increasingly, a strong political message.

Fashion has often been used as a way to spread political messages, and there’s been an increase in these slogan pieces, especially feminism inspired tees, perhaps most notably this Dior ‘We Should All Be Feminists’ t-shirt.

Whether you want to broadcast your beliefs or simply opt for something a bit more tongue in cheek, slogans are bold and brash, and we love them!

Deconstructed Shirts

As we mentioned, off the shoulder looks are popular at the moment, but more specifically, we’re loving the trend of ‘deconstructed shirts’.

These pieces take the classic shirt and mix it up with experimental designs and cut-out sections, perfect for showing a tasteful bit of skin on a hot summer’s day.


Ruffles are everywhere this year, whether it be on your shirt, dress, jeans, shorts, basically everywhere!

Whether you want to go full-on with a ruffle dress, or maybe incorporate something a little more restrained such as a frilly skirt, there’s a frilled look for everyone!

Colour Clash

Bright colours have been in for a while now, but why not take things one step further, and really mix up some clashing colours for a bold statement.

We’re talking blue with green, pink with yellow, blue with red and other colours which you wouldn’t traditionally pair together.


They may not be the prettiest of shoes, but we guarantee you’ll be seeing a whole lot of sliders around the pool on holiday this year.

We spoke to Missy Empire who said: “Even the most fashion conscious of critics are embracing sliders this year for their practicality.

“They’ve also had a high fashion makeover, with styles featuring everything from feathers to bows and studs to fur.”


The season’s hottest motif is the flamboyant flamingo, which we’re seeing stuck all over, from sunglasses to bikinis, and basically everything in between!

As you can see in this recent Daily Mail article, the distinctive birds have been seen all over, with a number of celebrities including Justin Bieber championing them!

And if there’s one must-have poolside accessory this year, it’s this amazing inflatable flamingo available from Primark for just £9.